Wednesday, December 30, 2009


After the waiter came and took our orders, we just sorta started talking.

We discussed about food, the weather (cliché? I know!), the view and even music.

“So you like Jay-z a lot, huh?” Chris was saying as our food arrived. I had ordered

the crème brulee while he ordered Oysters. “Thanks” I called to the waiter then,

“Yup!” to Chris. “Yeah? So what else do you like Miss Thompson?” he asked folding

his napkin in his lap. Just as I was about to reply: “Many things”, Layefa pinged

me. I muttered “Excuse me” then hurriedly switched on the Silent mode on my

Blackberry. Seeing Layefa’s bbm picture made me feel terribly guilty. I had

completely forgotten about him once Chris walked into my office. I didn’t even reply

his last message (that I didn’t even know he sent!):

Is the dude there yet? Don’t worry now, hez probly stuck in traffic. Let me know

when he arrives sha so I won’t bother u guys. K?

I slipped my blackberry back into my bag, took a deep breath then said, “Well…um…you

know, it’s actually Mrs.Thompson”. I felt two feet tall immediately those words left

my mouth. I caught his eyes checking out my left hand just before he cried, “Oh, my

bad! I wonder how I missed that!”, “So what else do you like Mrs.Thompson?” He

really emphasized the ‘Mrs’. I smiled. “I like a lot of things”, I smoothened the

tablecloth with my hands, “You should call me Delores, though”.

At Layefa’s office…

“Mr.Olaoye is here, sir” Claire said over the intercom. “Are you serious?! Let him

in fast!” Layefa replied jumping from his seat. He hadn’t seen Daniel in a while and

he was pretty excited to see one of his best buddies.

“Bad guy!!! Warrit doooo?!! Ah ahn! Who dash you suit?” Layefa cried as Daniel

entered his office. They did that handshake with a slap on the back thing that guys

do before they finally broke into a hug (fronting too plenty!)

“Fuck you man! You know you’re digging it” Daniel joked straightening his suit.

He had never really been the suit-wearing guy so Layefa was pretty shocked to see

him all decked in a Gucci suit and T.M. shirt.

“Sit down, man” Layefa said, “On the real though, what’s with the suit? Where’re you

headed?”. “Wetin? Shey person no fit dress up again?”, Daniel replied pulling out a

“I’m meeting some hottie I met yesterday for lunch”. Nodding, Layefa rose to make

drinks for them. “You still drink Campari with iced tea abi?” he asked squatting to

open his mini fridge at the corner of the wall. “Yes oh. But dawg, seriously man,

you’re ballin’! corner office and all. Mr. T must be real proud” Daniel said. “Na so

we see am oh” Layefa replied mixing the drinks.

“Mr.Thompson? Miss.Ibrahim’s here” Claire said over the intercom. “Oh? Let her in

please” Layefa replied. Then to Daniel, “Brace yourself, homie”. Sitting up in his

chair, Daniel straightened his jacket and crossed his legs in a total George Clooney


“Layefa dear!” Saida cried bursting into the room. She was wearing a grey pin-

striped low-cut pencil dress. “Saida! Hey!!” Layefa replied rising from his seat and

walking towards her. “C’mon gimme a hug” she said pulling him into an embrace. After

about ten long seconds, she finally let Layefa go.

“Oh hello” she said shoving Layefa aside once she glimpsed Daniel


Myne Whitman said...

Hey why did you stop here? LOL, don't keep us waiting too long, I thing there's some drama coming up..

shorty said...

Yea please update soon!!!

Midun said...

Obviously making sure we stalk ur blog with that ending. Update soon please :)