Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Maybe I should have cancelled with Chris instead. “You’re leaving work now? I’m

almost leaving too sha” Layefa said. Maybe there was no need to panic sef. Since it

was jus Layefa, Daniel and I, we could probably have dinner anytime. “Baby, I’m

meeting Chris again this evening oh. I’ll have to put a rain check on dinner with

you guys.” “Oh. Ah ahn. Why cant you guys meet tomorrow?” I felt rather silly that I

didn’t know the answer to that question. Why hadn’t I just suggested we meet

tomorrow? “Uh…I don’t know for the guy oh. I think he has a really busy itinerary.”

“Alright. No wahala. I just hope that guy isn’t having any ideas about you” Layefa

said casually. “Layefa!” I cried. He chuckled, “What? It’s true now. In fact if he

wasn’t having any ideas about you, I’d say he was gay”. I couldn’t believe he was

taking things so easy. I felt so guilty remembering how I’d totally let Chris flirt

with me. I forced a low laugh. “Well, you’ve got nothing to worry about cuz I’d

choose caramel-skinned high-class lawyers over chocolate-skinned high-class

photographers. Any day.” We exchanged mushy, lovey-dovey words for a while before I

caught Kiki rolling her eyes. “See you at home then?” I said as I hung up.

“Y’all are jus funny” Kiki said followed by a sigh. She was probably missing IK.

“How far with IK now?” I asked. “Oh him. He called me yesterday but I was at church

so I couldn’t pick up.” “Call him back now” I said. Shaking her head, “He can like

to call me again if he really wants to talk to me”. Why was Kiki acting so childish?

“Babe, are you trying to really push him away?”. I really couldn’t understand why

girls made a big deal about calling guys back. “Moving on jare. I’m meeting Tobi for

lunch tomorrow again”. She was actually grinning. Kiki was vexing me oh. IK was a

catch! Just because he went through a phase doesn’t mean she had to cut him loose.

If I didn’t have Layefa I’d probably be jealous of what they had. They’d been

together for only a year but I already felt like I knew IK almost as well as I knew

Kiki herself.

“Kiki! Snap out of it! This thing you’re doing with Tobi. Whatever it is, just stop!

It’s obvious IK’s missing you already. Don’t you miss him too?” Even I missed IK. I

couldn’t understand why she didn’t freaking run out of the church building to answer

his call! “Delores, it’s not that easy!” Kiki cried. I hoped she wouldn’t start

tearing up. Just as I rose to comfort her, a window popped up on the corner of my

computer screen: new e-mail from Daniel O. Kiki must have noticed my surprised

expression, “What is it now?” “Just Layefa’s friend e-mailing me”. I clicked on the

link immediately.

***Sorry this one is kinda short guys!****


Myne Whitman said...

Not a cliffhanger again! LOL...

shorty said...

Wonder what is in that mail o..

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl.. said...

lol...i'm kinda wonderin myself!