Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ah ahn, I thought, what could be up? I quickly texted him back with the pin. Ten minutes later he pinged me.
IK: Yo how u been
Dee: heyyy! Long time!
Dee: I’ve been good oh. U?
IK: Yeah. Same here.
IK:Where you at?
Dee: Lekki.Traffic on my way to work.
IK: We have yans oh.
IK: Woulda called but I’m in a meeting atm.
Dee: Oh? Anything serious?
IK: Yes oh. Very serious.
Dee: Kiki’s ok sha. Right?
IK: Really, I don’t know!
IK: Was hoping you could tell me what was up with her actually.
Dee: Ah.
IK: Whatchu doing around like 1 today?
IK: We need to see bad bad.
Dee: I dunno for sure oh.
Dee: I’ll let you know when I get to the office.
IK: Ok. I’ll ping you later, k?
IK: the boss is shooting me dirty looks.
Dee: Lol. K. Ttyl.

The traffic was getting worse. It wasn’t even moving anymore. I called Kiki. “You at

work yet?” I asked once she picked up. “Ah ahn.What’s biting you? Good morning to

you too oh. I just drove in sha.” “Oh. It’s not a good morning here oh. I’m still in

lekki traffic!” “Ah. Eeyaah. Pele oh. Have you passed The Palms yet?” “I’m just about

getting there. Abeg send a deadline reminder to all the departments again. I’ll

probably get in just in time for the meeting with that Tolu girl.” I glanced at my

watch for the umpteenth time. “Sure, Sure. No wahala. I think she’s coming with her

husband sef.” Kiki sounded pretty calm compared to the tone she had yesterday. “Yeah?

Ehn, it’s good now.” “You dis girl sef! You didn’t even ask me about my dinner last

night. With Tobi!". This is serious oh, i thought. She wasnt even talking about Ik. I considered telling her about Ik's mysterious words but i decided against it.It could be about a surprise for Kiki. "You know what kiki,I'll call you back" I hit the end key.Next i clicked on my google shortcut and typed in the name Tobi Savage. i needed to get t the bottom of this once and for all.


BBB said...

has been so long since i read a post
am going to catch up

shorty said...

Yayyy the story has continued. Whats up wit IK and Kiki o?

histreasure said...

been a while u put up a post..keeping the story hawt, i see..

Myne Whitman said...

It's been a while, how are you? I loved this one, looking at it from the other side.

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl.. said...

thanx 4 stayin interested guys!!!