Friday, August 5, 2011


“I’m sorry Delores. I realise that apologising doesn’t undo things but really I am sorry.” IK said slowly. “It’s ok IK. Sorry I lashed out at you like that but that’s pretty much how I feel.”

Our food arrived so we paused the conversation. The silence was pretty awkward while we ate so I brought out my blackberry and hit the twitter app.icon. I couldn’t help chuckling. My timeline was rather entertaining.
From no where, “Would you tell me if there some other guy?” Ik suddenly said. I raised my head from my food, “What?”. He repeated himself. I made sure there wasn’t even a pause for a second before I said, “Yes, IK. I would.” He nodded then went back to his food. Immediately, I closed my twitter page and opened the search page of Tobi Savage I’d bookmarked earlier. I clicked on the link to his Facebook. I didn’t even have to go far before I saw something that made me drop my fork:
Relationship status: Married to Yemisi Savage.
“Everything ok?” IK asked. “Yeah, Yeah. Just some stupid guy tweeting rubbish.” I replied exiting the page.
Apparently, IK was done eating. He pushed his plate away from him, leaned back in his chair and stared at me. “What?” I asked, stabbing a piece of chicken with my fork.
He kept staring at me for a few more seconds then: “I was gonna ask her to marry me”. My mouth formed the biggest ‘O’ ever. IK just stared at me with the same expression he’d had on his face. I was so speechless. I couldn’t believe that after all Kiki’s fears; IK did want to marry her.
When I didn’t say anything, he continued: “I ordered the ring online from H. Samuel”. All I could say was “Wow!”. It was all just too much for me to process that fast. Not only was Kiki gonna get married, she was also getting her dream engagement ring! Fuck Tobi savage mehn! “Please don’t tell me you’ve changed your mind.” I said looking straight into IK’s eyes. “You tell me, Delores. Should I?” I swear, right there I felt shock through my heart. He was considering leaving her? “IK! Are you kidding me?” this is getting rather serious oh, I thought. “Don’t get it twisted, I love Kiki. I wanna be with her. But do I think she’s ready for marriage? I really don’t know!” I shook my head. I just couldn’t believe that Kiki was about to ruin her dream life with her own stupidity!
This is the part where I have to be the bestest friend I could ever be to Kiki, I thought. “Kiki’s ready, IK. Really, she is.” I lied through my teeth. “She’s been ready for as long as I remember. You really don’t wanna know how many nights we stayed up crying and praying that one day she would indeed be Mrs. IK Ofili. I can’t believe you didn’t catch any of her signals! After about five minutes of not saying anything and staring into space, IK finally smiled. He chuckled then said, “Are you serious?” his eyes were actually sparkling with excitement. Oh boy, I thought. Kiki sooo owes me one. “Yuup!” I said downing the last of my juice. “You better not be whining me ohh” IK was still smiling. I shook my head and glanced at my watch. It was already past 3.
I wonder why Kiki isn’t pinging yet, I thought. I needed to get back to the office. “I gotta get going oh. I have a butt load of things to get done before the end of the day” I said.
“Oh. Sure thing. Thanks for seeing me Dee. Really, I appreciate this more than you could ever imagine. Seriously. Thanks.” He stood up to see me to my car.
“It was no trouble. Now that you have my pin, just hit me up next time you wanna talk, k?” I said picking up my bag and heading for the door. We walked to my car together. The rain hadn’t started yet. There were just little drizzles.
“Say Wasup to Layefa oh. And drive safely” IK said shutting my car door. I nodded and pulled out of the parking lot waving goodbye.

As I drove, a gazillion thoughts clouded my mind. Now that I had given IK the impression that Kiki was still on the marriage P, I had to make sure she really was! The whole Tobi savage thing wasn’t even helping. It’s like the guy was eroding her of all her senses. I tried to think of a subtle way to break it to Kiki that she had been frolicking round town with another woman’s husband.
Breaking my thoughts was a PING from Kiki. I didn’t reply. I tossed my phone into my bag and focused on the road. I rubbed my temples with the tips of my index and forefingers as I said a silent prayer to God to avert any traffic ahead.


Laurenta said...

OH WOW!!!!
8months later you resurface
lemme go read

Laurenta said...

Kiki is just vexing me i swear down

Ms. 'dufa said...

Welcome back! its been ages!

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl.. said...

Thank you :)