Saturday, October 24, 2009


"Were you even listening to me?" Kiki said. "sure, i was" i replied straightening in my seat, "I dont even know what to say". "i know oh, my sister." she sighed. that was the moment i realised how lucky i was.For Layefa to go almost 4 years without 'needing a break', i must be real lucky. I knew that i was not an easy person to cope with but i wasnt a monster either. Growing up as an only child, my parents were constantly at my beck and call. they made all the domestic staff respect me like i was the one who employed them. Layefa knew how much things like disrespect and lack of appreciation affected me.I guess that's why i was so angry this morning.Remembering how he acted casually about the whole thing almost made me angry again but i cautioned myself.I should be grateful he's still around,i thought.

"A penny for your thoughts abi should i say a kobo?" Kiki said. Grinning i said, "Do they even make coins in this country again?". She shrugged and said, “Yetunde’s baby shower is on Saturday by the way,did she tell you yet?”. I shook my head. It was no surprise why people felt weird inviting me for baby showers, christenings and kid’s birthdays. They thought that because I did not have a child after being married for over 4 years that the subject might be touchy. How wrong they were. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate children. I’m just not a big fan of having one of my own.Dirty diapers and kids basketball games were sooo not my thing. Thankfully, Layefa doesn’t mind much.And neither do his family.Only God'll probably know how thankful i am that he doesn’t have any scary family members to chastise me about my childlessness like those razz Africa Magic movies.
“I’m sure she knew you’d pass the message on to me” I said stretching on the sofa. “Uh huh” Kiki replied just as booming sounds of her New Boyz ring tone filled the room. Yep, you heard right. I said New Boyz. Kiki is infantile like that.
“Hello?” she answered quizzically. I guessed the phone number was unfamiliar. “Oh!” she cried, signaling for me to come closer.I scooted off the sofa and hurried to her side. “I see.” She said, pinching my arm. “I can’t hear clearly, put it on speaker” I whispered. She hit the speaker button.
“He would also like to know if you’ll be free tomorrow afternoon for lunch” an emotionless female voice spoke through the phone. “IK??” I mouthed. Shaking her head, kiki mouthed “Tobi”. “Hold on a second while I check my calendar” she said to the lady on the phone. Hitting the ‘hold’ key quickly she turned to me. “should I say yes?”.Tobi went to secondary school with us(He was our senior by far though). Kiki ran into him some weeks back and he'd been trying to put the moves on her ever since. If IK wasnt in the picture i would totally have given my dear friend the green light cuz apparently Tobi was doing pretty well for himself. He was a big shot at Zainee Telecomms.
"Are you crazy? So just cuz IK's misbehaving, you want to misbehave too shey?" i said. "It's just lunch naw.A meal with an old friend" Kiki countered. "Schoolmate not friend" i added. "So i should say no?" she looked like i was asking her to chop off her arm. "i dont know for you oh. I would say no sha" i replied. kiki restored the call and told Tobi's secretary that she would get back to him.

"Na wa for you oh" Kiki said, "Instead of you to tell me to take a break too,you're telling me this". Kiki was confusing me mehn. Wasnt this the girl that was sighing and lamenting about IK 2 minutes ago? "Na wa for me? You're not serious oh" I said turning on my phone. "You havent seen Tobi that's why you dont understand" Kiki said.

I had a voicemail from Layefa! He's sorry afterall, i thought. "Babes, i'll be right back" i said heading for the door. I needed privacy to play Layefa's voicemail. Dont roll your eyes, abeg.Only me can understand why i felt so giddy.


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