Thursday, January 21, 2010


He smiled as he put down the paper, “Dee, I didn’t say that naww” “But you sound

like you are! Do you still want to hear more?” I pouted. “Sure baby. We’ve got a few

minutes to spare before we head out” he glanced at his watch. “Okay, okay. Did I

tell you about the time he was to photograph Reggie Bush for a Calvin Klein

commercial?” I was so excited talking about Chris. Kiki didn’t seem in the mood to

hear every single detail of my interview but I knew Layefa would always listen to me.

“So the director was trying to explain something to Reggie when Chris jumped in and

was like ‘I think this is what he means’ taking off his shirt and all! He said

Reggie and the rest of the crew were stupefied!” . Layefa actually chuckled. “So

what happened after that?” “The director was so taken by his poise that he renounced

the original idea and decided to do the commercial with both Reggie and Chris! Side

by side! And Chris still took the pictures!” “Wow! This guy really gets you excited

oh! How did he still take the pictures?” Layefa knew just how I like people reacting

to my gist. I just couldn’t stand it when I was telling someone about something and

they go ‘Mmhm’ or ‘yeah?’ or ‘eeyahh’ ‘Are you serious?’. I expected questions to

show you were really listening.

“With that Timer thing naww. Asin he’s seriously talented!” I finished my croissant,

glanced at the clock, gulped my juice then said, “Gotta run, boo”. Layefa glimpsed

his watch, “Yeah, yeah. We should get going”. We headed out the kitchen door.

“Baby, I think forgot my Coach sunglasses in your car” I said as I locked the door

behind me. “Oh? Don’t think you’d need them with this weather sha” we looked at the

sky. It had suddenly turned grey. “Darn! I hate rain!” I sulked. “See you later,

Dee” he kissed the top of my head and walked towards his car. I walked over to mine

and minutes later we both drove off.

I turned on the radio and let the music drive me. I was even more excited when

Freeze came on air. He cracked me up diee! A teenage girl called in and asked Freeze

to call up her dad and find out if he was really cheating on her mum. Like there’s

this thing they do at Cool FM where they call up people and play pranks on them to

find out stuff for people that called in. So Freeze called the girl’s dad and

pretends to be an ex-boyfriend of the lady he’s supposedly cheating with. It was

some funny shit mehn.

“Hehehehe, it’s your boy Da Grin…” the intro of my message tone blared. I scrambled

for my phone in my bag. I just loved getting text messages. They always got me

excited. I guess every girl feels that way when she hears her message tone too.

It was from my network! Boy was I pissed! I didn’t even read it before I deleted it

in anger. Just as I was tossing the phone back in my bag, I got another text. This

time it was from IK. It just simply said: what’s your BB pin?


shorty said...

Intresting,i just love how Layefa treats Dee.

I really hate text messages from my network,after been all happy i got a txt i just see its from my netwrk,mtssew.

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl.. said...

Layefa's pretty sweet huh? I kno!

Midun said...

When is the next the next one coming?? *sad face*