Thursday, November 5, 2009


I reached into my handbag for a hairbrush as I climbed up the stairs. If it was really bad news people might be here with Layefa to break it to me and I couldn’t be caught dead with raggedy hair. Really.
“Layefa!” I called at the top of the stairs. I guess waiting the ten seconds I waited for him to come out of the bedroom was probably when it hit me that I something extremely ghastly could have happened. With my hand on my chest, I walked slowly to the bedroom. I stared at the door for about a second before I pushed it open.

“Heeeheeeheee…I’m serious! No, really…”Layefa was saying loudly amidst chuckles to someone on the phone while typing on his laptop. Jayz’s new album was blaring on his iPod dock. Blank stare is an understatement of the look I had on my face. He was talking so loudly he didn’t even hear me come in. I noticed he had changed out of the baggy shorts and T-shirt he was wearing when I left that morning. He was now wearing a crisp white danshiki (that traditional shirt Nigerian men wear) and white pants. He was even wearing his new Salvatore Ferragamo shoes!

The first time I called softly, “Layefa”. “Man, you are evil! Ah ahn!” he continued laughing on the phone.

The second time: “Baby” I said louder than the first time.

The third time: “Layefa!” I almost shouted.

When he didn’t turn around I flung my hairbrush at him I missed though. It hit his laptop instead. “Shit! What the-?” he jumped. Turning around, he caught the vicious glare I was giving him. “Oh, baby” He said quickly. Then “Bruv, I’ll call you right back” to the person on the phone.

“Dee, I hope you didn’t break any of my keys oh” he said walking over to me with a bright smile and his arms open. He motioned to hug me but I simply folded my arms and continued to glare at him. “What’s the matter, Hon?” he asked like he had no idea how scared he made me. He probably didn’t but that wasn’t the point. I was just so pissed that I was feeling so angry at Layefa. Until that day that I woke up and didn’t find him by my side, I’d never felt anything close to anger at Layefa before. Not that he’d never ever gotten on my nerves but he just never made me want to claw his brains out.

“I should be asking you” I said brushing his hand away from my shoulder."And who were you talking to? “Baby, don’t tell me you’re mad cuz of your hair. It looks hot this way now.I was talking to Daniel oh.He's back in town” He stroked my hair. “Besides, you can always go back” he tickled my waist.I couldn’t help but smile the way he was smiling and touching me lovingly. “So, nothing happened?” I asked as Layefa planted kisses all over my neck. “Oh. Just my parents are having us all over for lunch”. He said in between kissing me. “I missed you, baby” he quickly added. We made out for while before I remembered he was already dressed. “Why didn’t you jus let me finish my hair?” I said softly pulling away. Dang, my baby takes my breath away, I thought as I looked into Layefa’s eyes.
I hurriedly slipped into a green and blue floral print dress while Layefa explained how it was short notice and reminded how his dad hated lateness and didn’t accept traffic as an excuse.

I rememebered the first Christmas I spent with the Thompsons. It was hell! First of all, we got there around five for a Lunch party that was supposed to start at one. Mr.Thompson was furious and didnt hesistate to show his irritation for lateness. He practically scolded us! I had never felt so small and stupid in my life. Then all his cousins and sisters were rocking designer stuff from their mascara to their toe nail polish. literally. As at that time, i'd just started work so my collection of Versace,Gucci,Victoria Beckham and Fendi wasnt worth a whole lot. Apart from the stuff Layefa had gotten me, i pretty much didnt have much. They were so mean to me. Asking questions like: "where did you get that plain purse?" "Are those real pearls?" "Sweetie, I dont think red is your colour". Bitches. They should se me now.

"You like?" i asked twirling around in my dress in front of Layefa. He blew me a kiss and said "Perfect!" As in, he just knew what i wanted to hear all the time.

"I'm your biggest fan, i'll follow you until you love me,pa-pa-pa-papparazzi" i sang slong with Lady Gaga on the radio. "Baby!" i called as layefa almost hit some guy's car. he muttered that the guy was too slow to be on the road. i went back to my singing till he almost hit another car. "Where's your head at, Layefa?" i asked turning down the volume of the radio.
He cleared his throat twice before he finally said, "You know i hate lying to you,baby", he started. i turned to face him, a frown forming on my face.
"okay, So you remember how i told you this Lunch was short notice?" he continued. i nodded. For crying out loud,Layefa, stop acting funny, i thought.
"Well.It wasnt.My mom invited us since Tuesday.Tejiri delivered a baby girl." Layefa said driving into the turning His parents house was on.


Myne Whitman said...

Nice conclusion, who is Tejiri?

shorty said...

Poor Dee,she was really scared. Why didnt he just say the truth?

BBB said...

oh dis boy needs a trashing... i really believed something was wrong... *long hiss*8

DEeDeE said...

I guess Layefa thot he was being smart with the whole scare worked sha, cuz she did hurry home..hehe
nyc work...

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl.. said...

Tejiri is Layefa's youngest sister.

Sometimes even Layefa cant explain the reasons for his actions so i guess we'll just have to wonder....

thanx 4 reading!