Saturday, November 21, 2009


Stepping out of a black 2009 Camry in a black wrap dress and yellow Manolos (you

heard me, yellow!) was Elohor! What the hell was she doing here? At this time?

She hurriedly crossed the street and slipped into our compound. “Is that Elohor?”

Layefa said driving in. Duh! Climbing out of the car, we walked towards the gate

where she was standing. “Elohor! What are you doing here?” Layefa asked hugging his

sister. “Hello Elohor”, I said quietly. “I was in the neighbourhood oh. I was just

like lemme check on my baby brother.” She replied tossing her hair. In the

neighbourhood, my ass! I’m sure the busybody came to check on us. She probably

noticed something was amiss between Layefa and me yesterday. “Oh, really” Layefa

said as we all headed for the front door, “We’re just on our way back from church.”.

She nodded.

Once we entered, I headed straight to the kitchen. I couldn’t risk Elohor

questioning my hosting skills. I set three glasses and a jug of apple juice on a

tray and carried it to the living room where Layefa and Elohor were sitting. “Here

you go” I said offering her a glass. “What is it?” she asked looking up at me. What

did it look like, Ode? I said in my mind. “It’s apple juice. It’s from M&S.” I

replied. Shaking her head she aid, “Eww. Please take it away. I don’t like apple

juice”. I set the glass down and didn’t even offer her anything else. I sat beside

Layefa on the two-seater couch. They talked about irrelevant nonsense for a while

before she finally said, “I’d better get going”. Stealing a glance at my watch, I

realised how time had passed. It was 9:30.

“Say hello to Emeka and the girls” I said as we walked her to her car. “Sure, I

will.” She said hitting the button on her keys to unlock her car. Just as she was

about to slip into her seat, she came back out and asked, “So is this the hair

y’all were in a hurry to go do?”. With a smirk she slipped back into her car and

revved her engine. I couldn’t believe my ears! Did she actually just diss my 5

grand haircut? She waved at us as she drove off. I turned to Layefa and he just

shrugged (as usual).

“Bola, please call him again” I said to my assistant over the intercom. “Right away”

she replied. Chris Laire was really getting on my nerves. Who the hell did he think

he was anyway? I wasn’t going to give him the chance to cancel our appointment

again. Ah ahn, ki lo de? (Ah ahn, what is it?) I thought hissing. It was almost noon

and we still hadn’t heard from him.

As I was pacing about my office, Bola beeped me. “Did you get him?” I asked. “He’s

here!” she replied excitedly. “Huh? Here?” I asked. “Yes!” she confirmed. “Okay.

after exactly two minutes usher him in.” I replied. I smoothened my hair, hurriedly

re-arranged my desk and walked over to the door.

He knocked. I waited for about ten seconds then I opened the door. Lets just say, he

was beyond my expectations. Wayyy beyond.

Dang! There he was, six foot and a few inches tall, dark, rocking a fitted grey suit

with his Tyson Beckford frame. But trust homegirl now, I had to get over myself

fast. I quickly smiled and ushered him in.


shorty said...

That was bad of Elohor,mtsss.Hmmmmn @ Chris Laire...

Myne Whitman said...

Chris LAire, LOL. Is there some action on that front?

I think I like Elohor sha.

BBB said...

Ah this ELOHOR is fierce.....

i am liking Chris nothing like a fiine ass man to get a story moving

histreasure said...

i'm just heading to start from the beginning cos i'm really liking this right here..

and that Elohor had better mind her biz..she even get her man and kids sef, de come here to check on 'little brother'..**hiss**

histreasure said...

just finished reading it's an exciting tale..i like the humour in ur stories, d twists, the way you tell the story..

you are awesome..keep at it!! great things are sure coming out of Naija..don't stay away for so long.

will email u

histreasure said...

just realised you have another blog..went over there..just cannot post a comment so maybe you should check that out..

will just say right away that your stories (at least this one youhave here that i've seen) and i'm eagerly awaiting the next installment..

be confident and keep it coming

Midun said...

Very nice story u have going on. Looking forward to the seventeenth. It was a good read, the twists and turns, surprises, 'under-g's' and all of it. Having 16 at a go was an added extra.

Elohor should go train her kids or something little trouble maker! lol

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl... said...

Thanx y'all!!!
i'm sori i've bin away sooo long. Twas due to vry unfortunate circumstances. i cant seem to sign into my account. iz lyk my accountz bin jacked or sumn. Newai, while i sort myself out, i wana assure u guys that therz stl plenty more to come nd yh, watch out 4 that Chris character, hez reli sumn!
happy holidays!