Saturday, November 7, 2009


I just stared at him. I wasn’t even annoyed that he made me forfeit my hair appointment, I was mad that he didn’t even tell me Tejiri was expecting a baby! I know I’ve never been close to any of Layefa’s siblings but that doesn’t change the fact that he should have told me. I wondered what she thinks of me now. She’ll most likely think I was too jealous to congratulate her. I hissed.
“You know I didn’t know she was even pregnant” I said looking out the window. Calmness is the way forward, I warned myself silently. Raising your voice wouldn’t make things any better, Delores, I told myself.

“We should talk about this when we get home” Layefa said just as he turned into the driveway of his parents’ house. Taking a deep breath, I turned off the car stereo and continued to stare out the window. What reason in the world could Layefa probably have for not telling me about Tejiri? All this bickering between us was getting rather old.
My cell phone beeped in my purse. It was Funmi checking up on me. I wasn’t in the mood to talk right then so I hit the ignore key. I made a mental note to call her back later.

“Ah Oga! Welcome! Welcome! Good afternoon oh” The gateman greeted Layefa as he parked. “Good afternoon, Mohammed” Layefa replied as he turned round to open my door for me. I got out and muffled “Thanks” while brushing past him. I didn’t even acknowledge Mohammed’s greeting. I stuck my clutch under my arm and marched to the front door with an emotionless face.
“Dee, you need to chill. Please. Especially while we’re here.” Layefa whispered softly as he caught with me. “Fine”, I said pursing my lips while he took my arm in his. We pressed the doorbell.
The thing with Layefa’s family is that underneath all their pretentiousness, they’re actually all right people. They may put up a performance worthy of an Emmy trying to convince everyone they were perfect but it didn’t necessarily make them bad people. Like today for example, Layefa probably thought his new Salvatore Ferragamo shoes would distract his family from the coldness between us. The sonuvabitch! He knew he was gonna upset me! , I thought as the maid came to the door. She curtsied and ushered us into the living room. “Thank you, Alice” Layefa smiled. Ode. He must think he gets some prize for remembering all the domestic staff’s names.
“Daddy!” I cried pasting my bestest Julia Roberts smile on. I rushed to hug him as he rose to greet us. “My dear Delores, how are you?” Mr. Thompson replied hugging me. “I’m very well, sir. How are you?” I said as we pulled apart. Layefa was probably too shocked for words because he just stood there watching us. After we had asked about work and my parents, we finally remembered someone else was in the room. “Good afternoon, dad” Layefa said, “Where’s everyone?” “Afternoon, Layefa. They’re out on the patio. Emeka just left for the bathroom, though. We’ve been talking.” Mr. Thompson replied. “Oh. Okay. Let me say hello to them then I’ll come join you guys in here.”Layefa said taking my hand.
We headed for the patio hand in hand like giddy teenagers. “Heyyyy guys!”Layefa called pushing back the sliding doors. I smiled shyly and waved, “Hiii”. We exchanged hellos and how are yous then I took a seat next to Felicia (Timi, Layefa’s older brother’s wife). Layefa went to join his dad and brother-in-law in the living room.
“Tejiri and Kome will be here soon with the baby” Elohor (Layefa’s older sister, Emeka’s wife) informed me. I nodded smiling. I really didn’t like Elohor very much. She is so bossy and not as pretty as she thinks. Her snotty spoiled daughters are worse than her, though. I don’t think there are any teenage girls as bad as those two. The last time I saw them, the older one was carrying the exact same purse I had. My £250 patent quilted Chanel bag. You wouldn’t believe what the brat said to me, “Yours looks like the knockoff. Are you sure the Chanel hasn’t got two ns?” I was so close to slapping her teeth outta her mouth. Thank God for self-control. I was so grateful they weren’t here today.
“How are the girls?” I asked Elohor. It didn’t hurt to be civil, did it? After all, na acting all of us dey do, abi?

“They’re here!” Felicia cried pointing at the sliding door as Kome held it open for Tejiri who was holding the baby. Oh shit, I thought, here goes.


Myne Whitman said...

keep it coming. But there better be areason for lafeya's actions.

BBB said...

i completely agree he cant just be a jerk for nothing.....

shorty said...

Yea that is what i think too,there must be something.

precious said...

layefa is just a jerk...nd am almost sure he's cheating...

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl.. said...

lol @ precious. wait and see bout the cheating. as for the jerk part, dont worry, he has good reasons.

Anonymous said...

show some love huhn...hmmm WATEVA