Monday, November 2, 2009


hey people! I"m so sorry i've been late with posting Seven. I have been real busy with school but i promise to post the other half in a few hours.thanx for reading btw! x

one week later.....

" C'mon Funmi, choose something now" i begged. I'd been trying to get my friend, Funmi Dada, to help me pick a hairstyle from a magazine for over twenty minutes. "Dee, i dont know for you oh. You're tired of curls,you dont want something too long,you dont want something too short,you dont want something that's just there!". What the hell did i want?! Kiki told me i'd been neglecting my hair so i decided to get rid of the brazillian weave(for a while) and try something different.
"How bout that Ciara's do?" i asked shoving the mag in Funmi's face. She offered to accompany me and make sure i dont come out looking like shrek and now she thinks she can just sit there and let me decide on my own? Mumu girl. "Ooooh...I didnt see that one before! it'll suit your face so well! yes! yes! yes!" She replied. Finally.

So i sat back and let my hairdresser do her thing. "Ehen,continue that your Jennifer gist" i said to funmi. "You and gist shaa!Where did i even stop?" she replied. "I remember. It was the part where she told him he'd have to buy her a dress,shey?" she quickly added. i nodded. Funmi and Kiki were the best gisters ever!
"So thats how he now went to order straight from Marc Jacobs new collection!" Funmi exclaimed almost causing the hairdresser to stab me with the scissors she was using.
“Ah ahn. Ko ma easy oh (it’s not easy oh)” I added. “I know oh. That daft Jennifer just had to fuck up. Do you know what she now did?” Funmi continued. How would I know? “She decided that she would prove to him that she wasn’t with him for material benefits by starting a fight a week to the Show so he would think she wasn’t all that interested”. Shaking my head, I said, “Like she hadn’t already made that obvious when she was giving him terms and conditions.”
Just as Funmi was about to continue, my phone rang. I rummaged in my handbag for my phone as a few people in the salon sang along with my M.I ring tone. It was Layefa calling. I hit the answer button hurriedly. “Hey baby!” I said with a grin as wide as Lagos to London (according to Funmi). “Hey Dee. You still at the beauty salon?” he asked. There was just something about Layefa’s voice that I couldn’t get enough of. He still had a slight American accent intertwined with his Nigerian intonation. “Yeah, babe. What’s up?” I replied. “Well, you probably have to leave right now.” He said sharply. I waited for some form of explanation and when I didn’t get one I said, “Why? Did something happen? I only just started.” I don’t know what I thought he was gonna say but I was thinking more of something like “I’m missing you way too much, baby. Come home already!” not “I’ll explain later. Just leave soonest.” This was what Layefa said.
As you may have expected, paranoia started to kick in after that. Had somebody died? Did he need me to come home so he could break the news gently? Had the house caught fire? Did we just get robbed? All sorts of horrible thoughts clouded my mind. I hung up and gathered my stuff hurriedly.
“What’s going on? Ah ahn…are we leaving?” Funmi asked getting up from her seat. I stole a glance at the mirror in front of me; my hair was nowhere close to being sexy. “I’m coming back” I gruffly said to the shocked hairdresser. Funmi was quite shocked at my sudden change of disposition as well. “Dee, did something happen? That was Layefa on the phone right?” Funmi pestered as she picked up her bag. “Let’s just go” I said quietly heading for the door.
As we walked towards the car, I said “Yeah, it was Layefa. He didn’t tell me anything tangible, he just said I should head home fast”. Funmi nodded understandingly. “I hope nothing serious has happened oh” she whispered. I threw my stuff into the backseat of my car and settled in the driver’s seat while Funmi climbed into the passenger’s seat beside me. “Babe, sorry for wasting your time oh. Abeg ehn?” I pleaded as I pulled out of the parking lot. “Waste ke? At all now. When last did we hang out like this?” she replied saying it was alright. “Sheyyy. E don tey oh” I said trying to lighten up. On the way to Funmi’s house we just talked about random nonsense. She knew where my mind was at and didn’t even bother pressing me about it. That’s why I love my friends. They just get me.
“Later sweetie. Take it easy oh. I’ll call you” Funmi called as she climbed out of the car at the entrance of her street. I nodded, waved and drove off. The kain speed at which I drove home ehn, Lastma would have sooo arrested me if they were on the road.
As soon as I shut the door behind me, I yelled “Layefa! I’m home oh!” Didn’t he hear my car driving in?


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