Monday, November 9, 2009


yay!!! the tenth episode! i fell so good zbout that. thank you to everyone that has indulged in my juvenile writing. its not so poloshed, i know. thanks for reading anyway. remember to have at the back of your mid that delores voice is the voice over narrating just like everybody hates chris or gossip girl.x
I ran my hands over my dress over and over again in my state of confusion. Layefa is a fish mehn. Why on earth should he put me in this position, I thought. Was I supposed to act like I was just hearing about the baby? Or should I make up some lame excuse for not calling earlier? Better yet, I should-.

“Delores darling! How are you? Thanks again for everything!” Tejiri said as she reached my side. Felicia had collected the baby from her hands. My confusion accelerated by 100 just then mehn. What the hell was Tejiri on about? I didn’t detect sarcasm in her voice, though so I didn’t wrinkle my face or anything.
Pasting on that Julia Roberts smile again, I stood up and motioned for her to hug me. “Tejiri, you look great! So does the lovely princess!” I replied. “We thank God oh”, “Kome hon, come and thank Delores” she said to Kome who was greeting Timi and Elohor. Immediately, he turned towards me and motioned for a hug. I hope my face didn’t let them know what I was thinking which was ‘Huh? Waris all this thanks about?’
“Thank you so much. We really appreciate everything. Tejiri is especially in love with those lovely blankets. You have really good taste oh, Delores” Kome said. I just grinned not sure what else to do. “Oh, so it was Delores that got you guys those lovely baby things?” Felicia asked. Tejiri nodded and said, “I told you now. She practically got us everything in the nursery. They’re adorable right?”. “But she wasn’t at the baby shower so….?” That fat bitch Elohor was saying as Layefa and Emeka walked in.

“Baby sis! OMG! You look rather skenzy for a mom oh”, Layefa said as he lifted Tejiri off the ground. They were so touching, I almost cried. Almost. But seriously though, watching Layefa with his siblings made me jealous. If you saw how they chat on msn, you’d think they were more than brother and sister sef. They talked about everything!

“My man! How far now? The freshest daddy on the block, eh?” Emeka greeted Kome. They did that shake guys do that they now slap themselves on the back.
Thinking about it, Kome and Tejiri were rather young to start a family. What is it with Nigerians and starting families right after marriage? The girl was barely 22! She only just graduated from uni last year! Na wa oh, I thought.

After all the greetings and oohing and aahing over the baby, we all sat down to gist and talk about random things. “So you guys thought of any baby names?” I asked Kome who was now sitting by my side. “Ah, about that. Tj already had names for all our future children even before the wedding!” he replied. We all laughed. This time I didn’t even have to fake it. “Yes now. Rainbow, Gucci and Paris!” Tj said proudly as she gulped her juice. This time we laughed even harder. Those two were bare jokes, I tell ya.
“She’s serious oh. She’s been saying that ever since forever” Layefa added. We shook our heads in amusement.
“So Kome’s cool with them? Gucci? What the hell, Tj?” Elohor said biting into a piece of fried chicken Another thing about all these Thompson family get-togethers is the scrumptious food. Mrs. Thompson sure knew how to select her house staff.

Shrugging, Kome said, “Anything for my baby”. He blew Tejiri an air-kiss. She feigned catching it in her hands then blew him one back. Cuuuttee. Layefa smiled and looked over at me. I smiled back at him and quickly looked away. I didn’t have his time right now.

If those Elohor’s bratty kids were here they’d have probably said something like, “I guess it’s just Aunt Delores that’s left now” or “What names would you name your kids, Aunt Delores?” I wondered how they acted with their parents.

Timi started a discussion about how hard it is to raise children nowadays with the cost of education sky-rocketing and all. We all engaged ourselves in the discussion, arguing whether it was worth it to clear your bank account for a child whose future you’re not even sure about. Layefa and I were careful not to say much though. With someone like Elohor at the table, if we just mistakenly said something that didn’t favour anyone, she could just say “It’s not like you know anyway, wait ill you have your own kids first”.

“Abeg someone should call that Alice girl oh” Emeka said, “We need a refill of this jug and more chicken”. “I’ll go get them” I offered a little too quickly. Don’t blame me abeg. Would you choose to sit at a table where everyone was talking about the latest YSL hat collection and you weren’t the least bit interested in hats? I think not! I was glad for an excuse to get away for a moment. Don’t go thinking all the talk about kids was making me uneasy or sad oh. I was just dulled.

“I’ll help you” Layefa said jumping up. He followed me into the house, into the kitchen. When I had told Alice what to do, I whispered, “I didn’t need any help!” “Don’t be like this, Dee”, “Told ya we would iron everything out at home” he replied with an apologetic smile. “Uh huh” I said, “Ehen, What is all this about me buying stuff for the baby? At least tell me something now incase decides to interrogate my life”. He quickly filled me in on all the stuff he sent to Tj and Kome as me while Alice re-filled the jug and served more fried chicken on the tray.

“Here you go” I said, pouring juice into Emeka’s glass. Layefa passed the chicken round. “Thanks sweetie.” Emeka replied. I smiled sweetly at him. He was such a darling compared to his wife. One time, I ran into him during a rainstorm when my car was stuck at the palms and he drove me all the way home to get a change of clothes and back to the office. Sweet guy.



DeEDeE said...

lmao@ the children's names. Rainbow? Gucci?. lol
wonder wat Layefa is up to.

shorty said...

Lol @ the kids name. wetin dey do layefa na??

precious said...

some parents and names..this layefa sef..i dont understand him..