Friday, November 13, 2009


After we had both changed out of our outfits, I headed for the kitchen to fix us drinks. I’m not much of a drinker so I mixed three quarters of sprite with a quarter of red wine. I called it Red Spriza. I carried the glasses to the living room where Layefa was sitting. “Thanks, baby” he said taking his drink. “So, uh…well, it seems like you have really good taste in baby things” I said searching for words. Ever since he told me, my mind had been wandering non-stop. I was thinking a gazillion thoughts at once. Did he really want kids? Was that why he’d been acting weird? Was he even telling the truth? Could he have constructed the story on the way home? Did I have any reason to be skeptic? Since when did Layefa find it hard to talk to me? I tried my best to control the whirlwind of thoughts though.
“I guess. But baby, shey you know there’s no pressure. Really, this is up to you. I just thought we should talk about it cuz we haven’t in a while and our minds may have changed since the last time we had this whole kids or no kids talk” he replied. I sipped my drink and nodded. I didn’t really have much to say. My mind surely hadn’t changed. That’s not to say I couldn’t try to change it though.
“There’s something else.” Layefa said placing his drink on the table. He rubbed his palms together, took a deep breath then looked up at me. The expression on my face was: what the hell is it this time, Layefa? I was really getting tired of listening to explanations.
“Remember when I said mom hadn’t gotten the results of her check-up exam?” he started. I nodded then he said, “Well, they found a lump in her right breast”. I didn’t even know when I jumped out of my seat. “OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! JESUS!” I cried throwing myself at Layefa. But she seemed so healthy, I thought. No wonder she couldn’t make the get-to-together!
“Chill, Dee”, Layefa tried to calm me, “It wasn’t malignant!” I wasn’t even listening to him anymore. I just couldn’t believe the deadly C had caught someone in our family. I started sobbing on his shoulder when he shook me and said louder, “Dee, it wasn’t malignant!” “Oh” I said straightening up. “It really scared her though. She called me at work and we spoke for almost an hour talking about ‘what-ifs’. She was trying really hard not to bring up the topic of us not having kids and I could tell. I don’t know, Dee. I mean, if we could just do it for her…” he broke off into silence.
Shit. Which kain thing be this now? I stared at the floor unsure of what to say. Before I could even sigh, my message tone blared. Saved by the bell, shey?
I quickly rushed to get my phone from the table where I’d left it. You wouldn’t believe who it was- Mrs.Obie! On a freaking Saturday too!

Good evening, Delores. Sorry to bother you during the weekend. Mr.Laire just confirmed the rescheduling of his appointment. You will be meeting with him at 10 on Monday.

Whatever, I thought. I walked over to where Layefa sat on the couch. Taking his hand, I said, “Baby, we’ll work it out”. He nodded.

“What about your hair?” Layefa asked me. We had been watching the E! THS of the Kardashians for like the hundredth time! “I’ll go tomorrow”, I said, “I’m not even getting up from where I am right now for anything”. “Ok oh” he replied tickling my sides. Giggling I cried, “Stop! C’mon, stop!” I totally love making up with Layefa. We stayed cuddled in front of the TV all night.
When it was past two in the morning and we still hadn’t gone to bed, Layefa said, “Babes, it’s like we’re stabbing church today again”. “Let’s go for the evening service”, I replied, “I’ll get my hair done in the morning”.


Myne Whitman said...

Love birds, reminds me of me. LOL

shorty said...

Interesting...but i want them to have kids na

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl.. said...

@Myne Awwww....
hehe...maybe they will...

precious said...

kids r nyc yh..buh stressful..i dnt think they should hav kids 4 any1 but themselves..

Anonymous said...

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