Sunday, November 15, 2009


“You like?” I said twirling in front of Layefa. I had just gotten back from the salon. Got my hair did finally. I couldn’t believe my natural hair could look so fab!
“Sexy,Sexy,and Sexy!” he cried excitedly.
We had stayed in all morning. I made one skenzy Mexican breakfast like this. Damn! It sure was yummy, if I do say so myself. I made a joke that Mexican food was so sexy, we should probably name one of our kids a Mexican name. We both laughed and started suggesting funny Mexican names. I hoped Layefa took the joke to mean that I took the previous night’s conversation seriously. I’m not saying my feelings about having kids changed overnight; I’m just saying I now have a more open mind.
“Why, thank you, Hun!” I said planting a kiss on his cheek, “Missed ya”. “Me too” he replied circling his hands around my waist. We had been al close and tight since last night. Layefa planted soft kisses on my lips as we stood locked in a tight embrace. I woulda loved for us to continue an all but I didn’t want to mess my hair up barely thirty minutes after getting it done.
“So, you wanna get ready for church?” I asked pulling away. “Aw,c’mon, we’ve got like two more hours to get ready”, Layefa said pulling me back. A smile escaped my lips. Abi this one thinks I’m ready to start trying for kids right now? “I need a shower, babe” I said. Feigning a sulk, he let go of my hands. Blowing him an apologetic kiss, I headed upstairs. I always showered after getting my hair done. All the hairspray and hair strands all over my back just got on my nerves. I turned on the heat while I undressed.
“♫You’re just like poison, slowly moving through my system…breaking all my defenses with time…you’re just like poison, and I just don’t get it how can something so deadly feel so right…♫.” I sang using my hair brush as a microphone.
“Ah ahn! E no easy oh…even Beyonce couldn’t have sung that better!” Layefa said slipping into the bedroom. Grinning, I threw the brush at him playfully. “Be psyching me oh”. He caught it and threw it back at me grinning too. “Ah, Dee, lemme tell you one crazy ass gist I heard today” Layefa said falling on the bed. “Tell me while I shower. I’ll leave the bathroom door open” I replied trying to fit my hair into a shower cap. There was no way my sexy hair would get wet. On the first day too.
I managed to get all my hair in then I climbed into the shower. “Oya start” I called to Layefa. “Ok. So Daniel called me today. He’s in real deep shit mehn” He started. He moved closer to the bathroom so I could hear him better. “So back in Chicago he was seeing this Indian chic. You know how those Indian babes are naww. Too good to be true and all”, He continued. “They aint got nothin’ on ya sha” he quickly added. “You got that right” I called from the bathroom. “Anyways, they had been seeing each other randomly for about a month when Daniel knocked her up” Layefa said. “Ahhh.Shettt.” I said. “That’s not even the crazy part oh. You know how religious and shit them Indians are? The babe was now trying to get him to marry her!” Layefa said. I chuckled at the thought. That was the sorta thing a Nigerian would be accused of doing not the other way around. He told me all about how the babe actually confessed that she stopped taking her pill on purpose. That she loved him and didn’t want to lose him blah blah blah. She even tried to bribe him with American citizenship. Layefa and I laughed so hard at that: An Indian trying to entice a fellow Immigrant with American citizenship. According to the babe, she was already processing her green card.
“Some girls are just crazy!” I said coming out of the bathroom. “I swear mehn” Layefa muttered. “So what’s Daniel gonna do?” I asked while I dried myself. “You mean what has he already done? My boy fled home strrraaiight!” Layefa answered checking himself out in the mirror. “You think I should shower too?” he asked. I shrugged heading back to the bathroom for my lotions.
“Feel it coming in the air…” my ring tone blared. “Baby! Please get my phone! My hands are wet!” I yelled. “Hello? Delores’ phone” I heard him say. “Who are you?” he sounded irritated. Who could it be? I thought poking my head out of the bathroom.


shorty said...

Hmmn who cud it be????

precious said...

me thinks its that guy she's supposed to meet...i hope it doesnt mess up the make-up..hehe..

precious said...

k so i was wrong..would hav been fun sha..

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl.. said...

yh...i guess that wld hav been fun..